by Claire Mix

Originally released on CD only, now available as a download. 12 addictive, highly singable songs for for kids of all ages - and their adults, too! Music from Claire Mix and the MIXER KIDS, now available as a download with 6 BONUS tracks.

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Price: $15.00

Remember: you are NOT ordering a physical CD. The photo is for illustration only. Your purchase will allow you to download the twelve MP3 format files from this release, as well as 6 bonus tracks that were not included on the CD (18 total tracks).

Part of the proceeds from every download order goes to help breast cancer research and the National Parkinson Foundation. Thank you for your support!
"Singing In A Hairbrush" by Claire Mix
Music & Lyrics Copyright©(p)1999 Claire Mix.
All Rights Reserved.

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"Singing In A Hairbrush " from "Singing In A Hairbrush". Music and lyric by Claire Mix.
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