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Claire Mix (Feb 22, 1961-June 12, 2013

Claire Mix

Claire Mix, Dianne Steiner



Claire Mix. February 22, 1961- June 12, 2013.

Our friend Claire, who has shared with us her wonderful music, her moving writing, her vision as a director and producer, has given us one final gift in sharing with us her peaceful death, on Wednesday, June 12, 2013.

Claire was a musician, a composer, an author, a screenwriter, a director, a producer of film and music, an emmy-nominated director, a teacher, a park ranger, an artist, a daughter and a friend and companion to us all.

Claire leaves behind a legacy of music which has been sung for nearly two decades by hundreds of Mixer Kids Choir members. Songs which will continue to be sung for years to come by children who can rejoice in the themes of fun, thrills and trials of childhood.

Claire leaves behind a legacy of written words from both true life and from her expansive imagination. Words which were collected and placed together with excitement and anticipation that we all might experience some emotion or insight from their reading.

Claire leaves behind an amazing piece of film which offers tribute to the work of her mother, Ruth, and her grandmother, Frida, for the support and comfort they provided to Japanese American citizens who were interned during the second World War.

Perhaps more than anything, Claire leaves behind a piece of herself in each of the hundreds of children and adults whose lives and hearts she touched and enriched with her energy and her enthusiasm. Children who will grow into adults with the spark of joy given to them by this remarkable woman.

Claire Mix suffered from Parkinson’s disease for the last years of her life, but was taken from us by a cancer that appeared in her colon. Donations may be made to the Claire Care fundraiser or in her honor to the American Cancer Society or to the National Parkinson’s Foundation.

We invite you to keep a candle lit for the next seven days in her memory, for one of the brightest of lights in the lives of so many has been extinguished and the world is now just ever so slightly a darker place.
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“Life is full of moments that we live each day,
all these moments come and they drift away.
Life is full of love, life is full of woe,
as the moments come and the moments go.”
- BattleCry by Claire Mix (©2006 Mixer Music)